Creating HUGE Transformations in Your Life With Ease with Special Guest Linda Bonnar



Joining me this week is Linda Bonnar, an expert in coaching people through change, and she’s just released her new book – Just Three Things: Bite-Size Ways to Transform Your Life.  Today we talk about how you can create huge transformations in your life by making small, almost insignificant changes to your every day routines.  This is so important when making lifestyle and dietary changes and I loved Linda’s take on this.

Linda Bonnar is a Personal & Corporate Coach, Author, Trainer and Educational Wellbeing Consultant based in New York City. Passionate about empowering others to succeed, she partners with business executives and future leaders across the globe to overcome complexities with talent management, and organizational success. She is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Professional Certified Coach, a Master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Coach & Practitioner, and is currently undertaking a diploma in Positive Organizational Psychology. As a corporate coach and trainer, Linda has worked with individuals from global companies such as Google, Warner Media, Oliver Wyman, Guardian Wealth Management, Salesforce, and Chevron. Originally from Galway, Ireland, Linda spent fifteen years living in the Middle East before relocating to New York City in July 2019.


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