How to get the Skin of a 30yo (No Matter What Your Age)



Do you miss the clear, plump, healthy skin you took for granted when you were in your 20s and early 30s? Wish you could turn back the clock and cherish that youthful skin?

Premature skin ageing is a real concern for many women. And if you look underneath the surface, it is just one symptom of premature ageing. It is not something you can throw a few serums, fillers, Botox or anti-ageing injections at and fix magically.

If you want to have beautiful youthful skin and live a long happy life, it’s time to take action. To get you started, I’m sharing 8 top tips for achieving healthy, hydrated and vibrant skin on the podcast this week.

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About Your Host: Susie Garden

I help women feeling stressed, flat and older than they’d like regain their youthful energy and glow using a proven method so their natural beauty and confidence shines through.