Navigating Menopause, ADHD and Solo Parenthood with Jenny De Lacy



Ever wondered how life’s challenges contribute to our evolution? My special guest, Jenny De Lacy, a content marketing consultant, takes us on a personal journey through her health struggles, solo parenting, and how she coped with her ADHD diagnosis in her late 40s.

Listen in as Jenny explores the impacts of perimenopause and an ADHD diagnosis on her life. With a candid look at her journey, Jenny shares her initial reluctance to seek help and how she eventually decided to focus on being a better mum. We also discuss the importance of being our own advocates and challenging our GPs to find the right diagnosis for us.

Additionally, we delve into the complexities of ADHD diagnosis in women, the connection between hormones and ADHD symptoms, and the potential pitfalls of the diagnosis process.

Beyond her personal journey, Jenny sheds light on finding balance in the chaos of single parenting and underscores the paramount importance of self-care. She provides practical tips on how to manage your day, from starting with a simple breakfast, combatting procrastination, to integrating zen-like routines into parenting tasks. Jenny’s insights are a testament to the resilience and adaptability of women and solo parents navigating their unique challenges. So tune in and join us in learning from Jenny’s remarkable journey.


You can find Jenny here –

Website – talkingdigital.com.au

Facebook – facebook.com/jennydelacytalkingdigital

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/jennydelacy

Instagram @jennydelacy.talkingdigital




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