Navigating Perimenopausal Anxiety



Brace yourself for a transformative journey as we navigate the turbulent waves of perimenopausal anxiety in this week’s episode. This episode is packed with insights into how our ever-changing hormones, life stressors, and even genetics, can impact our emotional well-being during this pivotal phase of life. I dissect the intricate hormonal dance and the roles of neurotransmitters in mood regulation, shedding light on why you might be feeling anxious or overwhelmed lately.


Get ready to embrace strategies for managing perimenopausal anxiety. Harness the power of regular physical activity, a balanced diet, and the art of saying ‘no’ to regain control over your emotional well-being. Whether you’re currently experiencing perimenopause or simply wish to be prepared, this episode equips you with knowledge and skills to cope with perimenopausal anxiety. Let’s continue the conversation on Instagram!


About Your Host: Susie Garden

I help women feeling stressed, flat and older than they’d like regain their youthful energy and glow using a proven method so their natural beauty and confidence shines through.