Q&A with Naturopath Susie – Why Am I So Tired!!



Ever feel like you hit a wall once you reach your 40s? That’s the question from Katia in Brisbane on this Q&A Thursday edition of the Ageless and Awesome podcast. In this episode I unpack how hormonal changes, particularly drops in progesterone and fluctuations in oestrogen, start a chain reaction that affects cortisol and thyroid hormones plus we delve into why these shifts drain our energy.


And the rabbit hole goes deeper – we explore the external factors that magnify this fatigue, from work stress to tricky teenagers and ageing parents, and even how our food choices can exacerbate the problem. Discover why that convenient packaged sauce or food delivery service could be sapping your energy. With tips on optimizing hydration, nutrition, and sleep, this episode is a must-listen for anyone navigating perimenopause and yearning for their energy back. Tune in and start taking control of your health on this journey through perimenopause and beyond.



About Your Host: Susie Garden

I help women feeling stressed, flat and older than they’d like regain their youthful energy and glow using a proven method so their natural beauty and confidence shines through.