Special Guest – Meditation Expert and Fertility Warrior Josephine Atluri

This week I have a special guest all the way from Los Angeles California. Josephine Atluri knows something about the anxiety that comes with fearing the unknown and feeling out of control. The certified meditation teacher journeyed through miscarriage, adoption, IVF, and surrogacy over the course of several years, finally welcoming five children into her family.

Now, she’s using the experience she gained in negotiating life’s curveballs to help others do the same, and the timing couldn’t be more critical. “Adversity coupled with feeling helpless is affecting all of us right now,” she says. “But we can all manage our response in a healthy way. We all have the tools within us, and just need to know how to tap into them.”

Josephine uses group and individual meditation classes to give her students these coping mechanisms and affirmations. She also shares them on her podcast, “Responding to Life,” and offers free, guided 15-minute meditations via Zoom every Wednesday. She also offers free monthly meditations at www.jatluri.com

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