Spotlight on THE Key Preventative Ageing Marker



Metabolic flexibility is your body’s ability to respond or adapt to changes such as fuel types (glucose vs fats) or energy demand (e.g. exercise). Some of the benefits include steadier energy, fewer cravings, increased fat-burning and balanced blood sugar levels.

But when you are insulin resistant, this flexibility drops off. As a result, you’re more prone to sugar and carb cravings, constant hunger, energy crashes, mood swings and irritability. It also becomes much harder to shift excess fat from the body.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with, insulin resistance is also tied to:

Premature/accelerated ageing Stubborn weight gain and belly fat Increased inflammation Reduced stress tolerance

Join me on this week’s podcast as I begin a new short series on a key marker of ageing that you should know how to modify.

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