Unveiling the Complexity of Hormones, Substance Use and Fitness with Jenny Valentish



What if substance use and menstrual cycles had a complex, often overlooked relationship? On this week’s episode of The Ageless and Awesome Podcast, my special guest is journalist and author, Jenny Valentish and we start to unravel the mysteries and controversies revolving around this topic. We uncover the effects of alcohol and drug use on fatigue, resilience during periods, and how they impact our hormonal balance, shedding light on why this subject is so challenging to research in women.


Have you ever questioned the nuances behind perimenopause symptoms and treatment options? Join us as Jenny shares insights from her personal struggles with progesterone deficiency and severe symptoms of PMS. We highlight the intricate issues around PMDD, a severe form of PMS, that could go unnoticed by even the most diligent GPs and how this knowledge gap affects countless women. We also touch upon the burgeoning interest in these topics among book publishers, indicating a much-needed shift in awareness.


Lastly, who says one can’t build a muscular physique at 47? Listen as Jenny Valentich recounts her inspiring journey from kickboxing to bodybuilding, battling hormonal imbalances and managing cortisol levels along the way. We tackle the challenges of building and maintaining muscle as we age and share key lifestyle changes that could aid the process. Let Jenny’s story of boosting her self-esteem and confidence through bodybuilding inspire you to embark on your own path to fitness. Don’t miss her valuable advice on getting started and the significance of a supportive community in this journey.

You can follow Jenny on Instagram @jennyvalentish_public or check out her website at jennyvalentish.com where you can purchase her books.



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