Is Coffee Anti-Ageing? Here’s What The Science Says

Is Coffee Anti-Ageing? Here’s What The Science Says

Coffee is loved by billions across the globe. But while some health experts claim it ages you, others suggest it can be a fountain of youth. So what’s the truth behind coffee and how it affects the ageing process?

Let’s take a closer look at the research behind coffee as an anti-ageing superfood, as well as ways it could be making you older.

The anti-ageing benefits of coffee

Now keep in mind – I’m a huge fan of coffee personally, so I’m never going to tell you to give yours up! However, there are also some impressive health benefits to note as well, particularly when it comes to the anti-ageing effects.

The most recent research looked at coffee’s role in heart disease and death in over 350,000 people over the period of 10 years. They found that 2-3 cups per day led to a 10-15% lower risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias or dying for any reason! One cup gave the best protection against stroke and heart-related deaths.

Coffee is also one of the most common dietary sources of antioxidants, which equals more youthful skin, less inflammation and better brain function.

Where coffee consumption can go wrong

So why do so many experts say coffee is bad for you and ageing you? Some of it comes down to outdated science – it’s not unusual for health professionals to recite findings that have been disproven. But we also need to consider the context of coffee.

Some of the ways that coffee can negatively affect ageing include:

Added sugars and syrups – more sugar means more issues with blood sugar regulation, energy fluctuations and ageing in general. We know that sugar plays a big role in AGEs and glycation in the body! So if you’re drinking sweetened coffees every day, the downsides can outweigh the benefits of the coffee itself.

Timing and dose effects on sleep – if you drink too much coffee and/or have it too late in the day, you can disrupt your sleep. Plenty of good-quality sleep is a must as it allows your body and brain to repair and reset for the next day. So if your coffee habit is keeping you awake, it can leave you exhausted and prematurely aged.

Exacerbating stress & anxiety – when you’re under pressure, you’re more likely to reach for some coffee to boost your energy and get you through. But coffee can make symptoms of stress and anxiety worse. We know that stress is a massive factor in ageing, particularly when it comes to inflammation and inflammaging. So if your coffee is making you more jittery than energised, it could be contributing to the ageing process.

Having coffee as a meal – for many people, coffee can suppress appetite. This can lead to skipping meals or simply having coffee AS the meal (spoiler alert: coffee is not a meal!) If your coffee intake means you’re consuming less nutrition and undereating calories, it adds up to a slower metabolism and a faster ageing clock.


It takes the right foods, the right mindset and the right protocol if you want to stay young and vibrant for many years to come.

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