Ever wondered how health experts navigate the holiday season? I’m a big advocate for balance & enjoying your favourite goodies with loved ones – AND not depriving yourself! I’ve also become very aware of how hormones are impacted by the party season so I’m here to help you navigate this time without feeling hormonally challenged (is that a thing??) and without stacking on the kilos.

Did you know that studies show that around 40% of Aussies put on weight over Christmas and New Year – with an average of nearly 3kg! The group most susceptible to weight gain is those of us aged between 35-54 years. AND many people never lose that weight. 

So this year, I thought I would share my practical tips for enjoying Christmas and New Year in a healthy way.

How a naturopath approaches the festive season



Getting plenty of water is a must in any situation. But over the holidays, it’s even more essential – we’re eating saltier foods, drinking alcohol, getting less sleep and generally putting more stress on the body.

That’s why I make sure I’m drinking plenty of freshly filtered water every single day. It helps to keep my energy high, gives me a healthy glow, and helps with detoxification which is critical for hormone balance.


Now first up, let me say: everyone should enjoy their favourite foods over Christmas and New Year! But for me, the goal is to be choosy and go for the absolute must-haves.

For example, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, and prefer to have a small amount of something utterly luxe rather than a massive serving of junk food that I know is going to make me feel like crap. 

Choose your top 2-3 favourite goodies, and whenever possible, choose the best quality in a small quantity. As an example, enjoy 3-5 pieces of decadent handmade dark chocolate rather than wolfing down an entire block of Cadbury’s!


The same theory goes for the meals you eat while out and about – not just treat foods. I avoid refilling my plate and going back for extra servings because I simply don’t need them!

Another way to make portion control easy? Fill your plate with 50% veggies whenever you can. This will help to satiate you, add in a big dose of fibre and micronutrients, and prevents you from going overboard on the more calorie-dense foods.


So many people focus on restricting what they eat at parties and events. But they completely overlook what they eat between those events – aka the bulk of your nutrition!

Rather than getting too worried about what I’m going to eat on Christmas Day or the treats at a New Year’s party, I focus on packing nutrition into my meals at home.

This can include adding in a nutrient-dense meal or snack before heading out for the evening. One easy option I often reach for is a half portion of a green smoothie. Having a smoothie allows me to get micronutrients, protein, fibre and hydration into my system. The greens support healthy detox to keep my hormones happy as well. And of course, it’s much easier to make mindful choices when I’m out because I’m not hangry!


Now I’m not opposed to alcohol – but I prefer to avoid consuming alcohol too much over the festive season.

Why? There are so many reasons:

  • Alcohol can rapidly dehydrate you and make you feel crummy

  • It tend to lead to poor food choices not only at the event but the next day as well as you’re dealing with your blood sugar being all over the place.
  • Too much alcohol aggravates perimenopause symptoms such as hot flushes and mood swings

  • It takes priority for your liver to detox (as it’s a toxin) which means it can impact your hormone balance.
  • It contains a dense amount of calories and has minimal micronutrients to justify those calories

One or two glasses at an event isn’t a big deal, as long as you’re mindful to drink water in between. But if you’re consuming more than that, it might be time to explore why you feel the need to.


There is a sustainable way for you to reach your health goals based on your body’s individual needs!

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Susie Garden

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