Special Guest Jolie Glassman – Her Top Tips to Change Your Lifestyle Habits for Good



I really enjoyed meeting and talking with the incredible Jolie Glassman.  Jolie is an expert at coaching people to transform their bodies and lives and she shares ALL of her wisdom on the podcast this week.

Jolie is the Owner/Operator of South Beach Boxing since 1998. She’s an inspiration to all and her passion and endurance for what she does is unmatched. She’s results driven and thrives on transformations.

Glassman has been transforming lives and helping people feel and look their best for more than 30 years. She has owned the world-famous South Beach Boxing Gym for 23 years, helping propel her to fitness icon status. At South Beach Boxing Gym, Glassman has worked with a number of celebrity clients, including Muhammad Ali, Will Smith, Matt Damon, and several professional athletes, including Roy Jones, Jr. and Chris Bosch.

Glassman’s motto is “You Don’t Have to BE a Boxer to Train Like One and To Live Like One.” Glassman learned to live her life like a boxer, chasing mastery and teaching people how to become the hero of their own lives. She took that motto to establish one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious boxing gyms.

Glassman has her NLP Master Practitioner License and her Master’s in Behavior Modification. She was awarded the first Woman in Business of the Year award by the city of Miami Beach as well as PFP Trainer of the Year in 2020.

Glassman is currently writing her book, Life According to The Rules of Boxing,which will be released in 2021.

She also has a 501(c)3 kids’ charity called Jolie’s Kids, where she works with at-risk youth. She transforms their lives through instilling and teaching discipline, honor, respect, anger management, healthy choices, and grit, as they become super-strong and confident in all areas of their lives.

You can find her on Instagram at the following:

@JolieGlassman @southbeachboxing @JoliesKids

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