Hi, I’m Susie Garden

Are you a woman feeling stressed, flat and experiencing the challenges of peri/menopause?

It’s time to reclaim your youthful energy, radiance and self-assurance (and your ideal weight).

I’m here to help with my proven method.

Hi, I’m Susie Garden

I help women feeling stressed, flat and peri/menopausal regain their youthful energy and glow using a proven method so their natural beauty and confidence shines through.

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Here’s How I Can Help You

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Stress Less, Lose Weight

A self-paced nutritional coaching program for women who want to let go of stress, boost energy and lose weight.

Metabolic Balance

 Metabolic Balance® is the award winning, all natural nutrition program developed in Germany by doctors and nutritionists.

The Glow Protocol®

Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion and be confident in making lifestyle choices that make your skin glow, maximise your energy and make you feel vibrant and confident.

 Well Hello There!

I’m Susie and I help peri/menopausal women have glowing skin, abundant energy, symptom relief and healthy weight loss with my proven method, so that there’s no more confusion, no more frustration.

Just results.

Truth Bomb – Thriving in Peri/Menopause is an Inside Job.

I know, you’re shocked right!?!

There’s no magic pill to balance those hormones. It takes the right foods, the right mindset and the right protocol.

I’ve had a long career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath and I’ve used my knowledge and experience (along with the latest research) to develop my own protocol for women to look and feel like their old selves again.

Yes, it actually works.

I’m feeling so much better, Susie! Being more aware of the protein and nutrients I need definitely helps my day go more smoothly. I’m sleeping so much better and my energy levels are great. I even got my period and wondered where my PMS went!

R.F., Brisbane

I can’t believe how different I feel thanks to my sessions with Susie. My energy levels are higher, my awareness of what I’m eating is better, my mood is elevated, and my hormones feel more balanced. I feel so much better. Each session with Susie I learn more, not only about my nutrition, but about how everything is connected. She explains everything so simply and clearly. I can’t recommend her enough.

A.B., Brisbane

Ready to feel (& look) like your younger, energetic self again?

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