Special Guest Michelle Irving – How to Help Loved Ones

with Chronic Illness



I have a special guest this week – Michelle Irving. A Pioneer in the Chronic Illness space, Michelle mentors women around the world, teaching them how to create a life filled with love, meaningful work and deep personal power. She believes we can all have a positive relationship with ourselves even in the midst of experiencing illness. Michelle gets it. While bed-bound twice in the past decade, she mastered the art of flourishing in life while also living with illness. Michelle also has a comprehensive career in the industry spanning over fifteen years, and her work is underpinned by extensive training in somatic therapy, cancer survivorship and women’s leadership.

I loved this conversation with Michelle. She has a powerful yet compassionate presence and she shares her valuable knowledge freely.

In our podcast today she outlines her framework – The 4 Emotional Stages of Chronic Illness which is enlightening for anyone who’s dealing with chronic illness or has a loved one going through this. It is powerful work to say the least.

You can find Michelle at her website – michelleirving.com.au

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