Why Stress Makes You Look and Feel Older



Do you look or feel older than you really are? One of the biggest contributors to premature ageing is stress. You might think that stress is all in your head, but it has very real physical consequences for your body.

Most people think stress is just psychological. But it involves many metabolic processes and a variety of hormones. If you stay under stress for too long, it can throw off the delicate balance between your body systems and lead to premature ageing of the cells.

There are many ways in which this happens, and in this week’s podcast I want to touch on a few common pathways that I see my clients experiencing.

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Anti-Ageing is an Inside Job.

About Your Host: Susie Garden

I help women feeling stressed, flat and older than they’d like regain their youthful energy and glow using a proven method so their natural beauty and confidence shines through.