Empowerment through Style: A Conversation with Nikki Parkinson



I’m so excited for this episode with very special guest, Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. Nikki Parkinson is a businesswoman and online community leader who loves helping women find and embrace confidence at any age. At the core of all that she does is her love of helping and supporting women to find greater confidence through their everyday style and the life they lead. In 2019, Nikki launched her own fashion label, Styling You The Label, offering Australian-made, non-boring wardrobe basics that take the stress out of the what-to-wear question.

She has long advocated for a disruption in the way that fashion is marketed to women. Styling You The Label is the first label globally to invest in showcasing its designs on every size that it sells – size 6-20. Not only does that increase customer confidence but it flips the idea that fashion should only be seen on one size, height, age, colour, belief or ability.

Join us as we have an open conversation about body positivity, fashion, and the power of self-expression during perimenopause and menopause. This episode is packed with insights, personal stories, and tips for embracing your body and finding the confidence to express yourself through style. Don’t miss our thought-provoking discussion on the importance of body acceptance and pushing the boundaries of fashion to make a statement.

You can find Nikki on all socials @stylingyou and @stylingyouthelabel PLUS her website stylingyou.com.au/

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