Shedding Light on Endometriosis Through the Perimenopause Lens



In today’s episode, step into a space where we unravel the mysteries of endometriosis, particularly in the context of perimenopause and menopause.  Endo touches one in seven women, often lurking in the shadows with symptoms deceptively mirroring those of perimenopause. In this Endometriosis Awareness Month, I shed light on the diverse ways this condition manifests, from painful periods to inflammation in unexpected body parts like lungs and even the brain. By exploring the nuances of symptom identification and the importance of gut health, I aim to arm you with the knowledge to advocate for your wellbeing.

Navigating the management of endometriosis symptoms can be as intricate as the condition itself and you may need to advocate for yourself in order to receive the treatment you need.  This episode isn’t just informative, it’s an opportunity for you to take action for better healthcare support for women in Australia impacted by this chronic health condition by supporting the petition linked below. Join me as we amplify the conversation and ignite the movement for improved care for those living with endometriosis.

Here’s the link – https://chng.it/mfY56CHvbh

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About Your Host: Susie Garden

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